(Re)Imagining the Possibilities of Art in the Crypto-Physical Age.
What is
Elevate Edition

Elevate Edition is a collection of high-quality collectible artworks, as well as a progressive experiment in digital-physical art and how value is assigned.

100 artwork cards, each inspired by or charting a moment in digital art history. Each of the 100 cards is strictly limited to a pre-defined number.

Each card is delivered as a digital and physical version, accompanied by a NFT Smart Contract certifying ownership of both versions.

The artworks are created by artist, musician and Elevate Labs Creative Director Matheus Cardozo, with animation by Sasha Azcuy (SCAD alumni) and have been over 6 months in intense development. The collection concept was devised by author and Elevate Labs/ My Amazing Team Founder Andy Swann.


Create a unique and valuable art collection. Utilise emerging NFT and blockchain tech, alongside traditional and digital art creation to launch something exclusive and innovative that inspires collectors, investors, other artists and the world at large to explore what's next. Bring the conversation to the mainstream.


100 collectible unique artworks. 


Limited edition run of each (see white paper for quantities). 


Up to 5 guaranteed full sets available (limited edition numbers 1-5). 


All other cards available for purchase individually. 


One day sale by auction, TBC 2021. 

Digital +

The 100 artwork cards will be created in digital and physical form. Purchase of the NFT entitles the purchaser to own both the digital and physical version of the artwork purchased. All artworks feature their limited edition number, but there are subtle and valuable differences between the digital and physical editions:

Digital versions feature animated elements and the Elevate Labs digital hologram of authenticity. 

Physical versions are high-quality art prints, hand finished with the Elevate Labs hologram sticker of authenticity.

Benefits to
Collectors / Investors

Elevate Edition is a one-off collection of 100 unique artworks, presented in an equally unique way. It will never reproduced. Each artwork is strictly limited in number (please refer to the white paper) and represents a milestone in the rise of digital art, as well as charting its compatibility with physical art.

Each artwork in the collection is inspired by or charts a moment in the evolution of digital art, with the contrasts between the digital and physical versions retaining exclusivity and making a unique and valuable investment. 

Join the

To participate in the sale, or to discover more about Elevate Edition and the artists behind it, please join our community. General questions, information and conversation can be found on the Elevate Edition Discord Server. For serious investors, dealers and journalists who require a deeper understanding and access prior to the sale date, please complete the validation to receive an invitation into the Telegram group.

Join Our Discord Community Here.

Join Our Discord Community Here.


Validate as investor, collector or journalist here.

Validate as investor, collector or journalist here.

The sale
How to

The sale will take place as an auction on TBC, 2021. It is a one-day event. Full details of platform, participation and other information will be made available via the Elevate Edition community channels prior to sale date.

Please join the community to ensure you receive the right information as it becomes available. After the sale date, no further Elevate Edition artworks will be created. In the event that any of the limited editions remain unsold, both the digital and physical cards will be burned. The artworks sold on the day of the sale will always be the only certified Elevate Edition artworks in circulation.

Download the white paper for full details on the collection and project.

Beyond the creation of a high-value art collection, Elevate Edition is an ongoing experiment on the rise of NFT artwork and how value is assigned. Future onward sales and values will be charted to understand whether the digital or physical versions appreciate in value more, or whether the true value is when they are together in a transaction.

We will continue to chart the collection's life in the world after we set it free. 


We are concerned about sustainability of both the digital and physical artworks. Elevate Labs is committing to fully offset the lifetime carbon impact of Elevate Edition. This commitment will be written into the NFT Smart Contracts.

Get early access to Elevate Edition by joining the community.